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Paolo G. Giarrusso, M.Sc.

Paolo Giarrusso
Universität Tübingen
WSI - Programmiersprachen und Softwaretechnik
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Paper accepted at POPL

Our paper on equirecursive types in System Fω, with title “System Fω with Equirecursive Types for Datatype-generic Programming”, has been accepted for presentation at the annual Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages.
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Open Thesis Topics

ILC: Creating an API for producing changes

In incremental lambda calculus, to update the output we need a description (represented as data) of how the input of a program changes. Comparing the old and the new input is overly expensive; instead, it would be convenient to create a description of the changes while they happen. The goal of this thesis is to design (and implement) a solution to this problem, focusing on the case of collections.
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Finished Thesis Topics

Automatic locality-friendly array interface extension of numerical functions through C++ template metaprogramming

Numerical functions often need be invoked on views of vectors or matrixes, derived by selecting some elements or by pre-transforming them. For instance, one might want to prescale matrix elements before applying an existing FFT algorithm on them. Often this must be done by copying the elements to a separate array, and then invoking the original FFT algorithm, but this procedure is not efficient because it uses additional space and therefore has higher impact on data caches.
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